2014 Mom Fashion Trends

This time of the year I always Google the next year’s fashion trends. Sometimes I’m surprised, sometimes not so much.

This year I’m surprised! The fashion trends for 2014 are flowy, big and busy – I’d even go towards saying frumpy and mirroring the 80’s somewhat with the big baggy pants and thick soled flip flops.  I’m going say that this is NOT my favorite look, so this momma won’t be participating in that this year!

Since these trends come out of New York’s fashion week, I think us here in Oklahoma can pull pieces from these trends and go with that, but not ALL of them at one time. Or if you are like me, make your own trends by stepping out of the box and put fun things together that you normally wouldn’t.

So let’s go over some my 2014 Fashion Trends.

1. Ruffles…can’t get enough ruffles. To me, ruffles make the world go around. Seriously!  Ruffles are fun, flirty and just plain cute. Whether you are 2 or 80, ruffles are a must.

My favorite statement necklace! I get a lot of compliments everytime I wear it.
My favorite statement necklace! I get a lot of compliments every time I wear it.

2. BIG necklaces are HUGE. In my opinion, the bigger the better because of the statement it makes. You can wear a big necklace with an inexpensive top to doll it up. Love that! Statement necklaces are honestly my favorite trend right now. Dustee’s and The $1 Jewelry Store are two great places for big statement necklaces. Even Ebay has them cheap.

3. Sequins, sparkles, etc. This comes more in to play if you have a holiday dinner or party to go to. Not usually an everyday idea, but you could wear something with sequins to the office holiday luncheon just for fun. Not brave enough for sequins on your clothes?  Go for some fun sparkly boots, earrings or even a sparkly handbag.

4. Flats, flats, flats!  They are all the rage and will be going in to spring and summer. Heels are sort of out, which for the moms that run after toddlers and even older kids, that is great news. There is nothing more fun than a great flat with a well thought-out outfit.

5. Long flowy dresses or skirts will be in style also. This will be good for the spring when you could add a light denim jacket and then for summer where you can wear sleeveless.

6. A good handbag. I’m a handbag freak and will usually spend more on a bag than anything else in my closet. My thought is, “I use this every single day, it’s worth it to invest in a well made bag.”  The big thing this next year in handbags is going to be the cross body bag. That is a huge PLUS for us mommas that are juggling 80 things at once.

Sparkly bracelets add a perfect touch.

7. Bracelets…and a lot of them. I love a good stream of bangles. They can play up any outfit. Dustee’s is a great place to buy bracelets.

Fashion trends come and go but some trends tend to stay around for a while. Find the trends you love and go with them by using them in different ways with staple pieces in your closet.

What are some of the fashion trends you are looking forward to in 2014?

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Jeana is the proud mom of Aubree, 10 and Brody, 7 & proud step-mom to Seth, 17 and Alana, 15. Jeana married her love, Ric, on the sands of CoCoa Beach, Florida in July. Jeana was born and raised here in Oklahoma and proudly claims the title "Okie". Jeana has a passion for fashion (check out her blog, Shop Jeana's Closet) and loves to shop in her spare time. She also loves crafts, reading, sports and is very active at the Oakcrest Church of Christ. Jeana is an OU Sooner and OKC Thunder fan. Jeana works for OUHSC in The College of Pharmacy as a Staff Assistant and loves going to work everyday. Jeana is so blessed by this wonderful opportunity.


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