10 Types of Moms You’ve Seen in the Drop Off Line This Year

Cheers to you, Mama, for making it another full school year. When May comes around, it’s a mad scramble to the finish line. Bedtimes get later, mornings seem to come earlier, and yet we still have the deadline of the school bell in the morning. “Don’t forget your library books! Get in the car! Where are your shoes? GO get them! Then GET IN THE CAR!”

We made it! Have a great day at school!

While scrambling out the door and then rushing to wait in the drop off line, it dawns on me that there are so many different types of moms that you’ll see in the morning drop-off line. Here are my observations of ten of them. What would you add?

  1. The Early Bird Mom. This mom is put together and ready for her day. She rose at 5 a.m. to start on preparations for the day and is out the door a full 15 minutes early. She’s patiently waiting for the school doors to open, while sipping her coffee that she had time to stop by and get. Some moms never see her but we all strive to be her.
  2. The Yoga Pants Mom. This mom drops her kids off at school in full active wear. She’s either come from an early morning workout or simply put them on for the sake of the drop off line. She looks ready to take a three mile run while wearing aviator shades. Nothing seems to shake this mom. She’s on time, calm and collected, and heads off to her morning activities after a smooth drop-off. 
  3. The In-A-Rush Mom. For some, there is never enough time. From waking up late, to making lunches that she didn’t pack the night before, to making sure the kids don’t look *too* disheveled, to grabbing her make-up bag to apply in the car. Because, the only few seconds she’ll have is waiting in the line or at a stop-light on the way to her first appointment to apply her mascara. 
  4. The Multiple School Mom. This mom has three drop offs before 8:30 a.m., so would you please get a move on already? There is no time to dilly-dally because she has to make it across town before that final bell rings.
  5. The P.J. Mom. Putting on actual clothes before 9 a.m. takes too much effort. This mom may or may not be wearing a bra, and is desperately hoping that the principal won’t make eye contact during drop-off. Usually dons a hat to hide under and prays she doesn’t see anyone she knows. 
  6. The Messy Mom. This mom tries hard to keep the clutter and trash to a minimum, but there is just no helping it. Her kids are slobs! When the car doors open at school, it’s very possible a rogue soccer ball or McDonald’s wrapper may fall out of the door. No eye contact is made with the teacher who politely picks it up and places it back inside. 
  7. The Late Mom. This mom you will never see, unless you are heading to the early PTO meeting. She is constantly speeding through the pick up line, hoping those few extra seconds will slow down before the bell rings and her kids won’t have to get a late pass, *again.* The front secretaries know her kids by name, with a warm smile and a wave. 
  8. The Substitute “Mom”. This is when Mom is out of town and someone is helping her with the morning drop-off. They have no idea of the rules that apply or the routine that is to be strictly followed. She wonders why everyone is honking at her when she doesn’t pull all.the.way.up or gets out of her car to assist the kids.
  9. The Walking Mom. This is a mixture of Early Bird Mom and Yoga Pants Mom. To walk, she has to plan ahead and be out the door a few minutes early with her school aged kids and toddler in tow. She also has to wear something yoga pants level or above, because of all the other moms who are watching her from their cars. Moms also applaud her for getting in her morning walk WHILE doing Drop-Off Duty.
  10. The Mom Who Stays Home. Every morning, this mom breathes a sigh of relief since she doesn’t have to deal with morning drop off at school. Her kids ride the bus! It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing PJ’s, yoga pants, or a three piece suit. No one sees her from her kitchen, while lovingly waving goodbye. 

No matter which mom you are in the list above, we raise our glass to you for surviving another school year!

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Erin was Okie born, but was East coast bred from ages 5-18. She returned to Oklahoma City for college at Oklahoma Christian where she and her husband met through friends and were married. Taking her love of connecting people and places to the blogging world, she co-founded Oklahoma City Moms Blog in 2013. She loves being a mom with all of her heart to her daughter and son - who battled and won a fight against Lymphoma in 2016. It changed her outlook on love and life and is so grateful for each and every new day.


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